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Item: *SOLD*1998 Siemens Magnetom Open Viva
MFG Date:4/14/2010
ID #: 003
Price: Please contact us.

 *SOLD*1998 Siemens Magnetom Open Viva
Siemens Magnetom Open Viva MRI:

Manufactured December 1998, installed in 1999
0.2 Tesla Magnet, 15 T/m Gradients.
Diagnostic Main Console.
Turbo SPARC Computer, Disk Drive, 5 ¼ Optical Disk, SMI Array Processor.
Patient Table, Patient Monitoring & Physiological Gating, Pac Net.
Numaris VB3.3G Software, MR Angiography, Turbo Spin Echo, Advanced 3D Imaging.
Clinical Imaging Package, Image Filter.
Coils: CP Head, CP Body/Spine, 16’ Large, 4’ Small, 37’ Belt, 43’ Belt, 59’ Belt.
All Phantoms, Operator’s and Service Manuals.
Still installed, complete, and in clinical use. Available end of March 2007

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