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Item: *SOLD*Agfa ADC SOLO CR System
MFG Date:4/15/2009
ID #: 002
Price: Please contact us

 *SOLD*Agfa ADC SOLO  CR System
2001 Agfa ADC SOLO CR System (Computerised Radiography) Complete system including Digitazer, computer,cassettes. Single plate.
Approximately 15 cassettes included.
Cassette sizes: 10 x 12. 14 x 17. 24 x 30. 35 x 35. 43 x 35.
ID Tablet unit with ID Screen.
Sun Microsystems Ultra 10 computer.
Diacom. APC Smart UPS. AgfaTek Links unit.
Under Agfa service contract.
Still installed and in clinical use, in excellent conditions.
Available now.

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